Merry Christmas

I am a Christian (Catholic) so wishing someone a Merry Christmas is what I like do, but I am conscious about not wanting to offend anyone. So if I know a person’s faith I wish them appropriately or if I feel a person gets offended I will use a generic Holiday Greeting wish. But for me this is the Christmas season, a special time, a time in which I wish joy and peace to everyone; and for me this represents the best of intentions.

This year I found myself giving this more thought and given today’s social and business networking environment I decided to see what’s being said on the Internet by others. Here are my summary with links to what I found listed in order by that which I related with most.

You’re only offended if you choose to be offended. (Deepak Chopra)

The PC (politically correct) movement has really gone too far. In an effort to offend no one, I am often wished “Happy Holidays” as I leave stores this season.
And it sucks.
Really? A generic wish? Just in case I’m Jewish? Or Muslim? Or Atheist? Eff, I’d rather someone wish me “Happy Kwanzaa” instead of the generic “Happy Holidays.”
I grew up hearing “Merry Christmas” this time of year. I miss it.
Yes, I know everyone isn’t Christian. (I’m not, either.)

Can we just do away with all the PC-ness around holiday greetings? Please. – Etiquette Bitch


Merry Christmas!

Over the centuries, Christmas has lost a lot of it’s religious meaning and become more of a secular holiday in today’s global marketplace. Yes, Christmas is a religious holiday in which Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who we believe to be our savior – but the global truth is that we were not the first ones to claim a winter holiday for our religion. Christmas has become and continues to be a global holiday, which means something different to everybody. Christmas should not be recognized as a mere Christian holiday, but as a celebration of family, a time we celebrate the past year with loved ones and prepare for the new. Christmas is truly about love (and let’s not forget about receiving gifts!) and the time we have with each other.
That’s what I feel Christmas is in today’s culture. Please stop calling them holiday trees. Call it was it is and recognize the history and meaning of the day.

Politically Correct’ Holiday Greeting


Etiquetteer is delighted to wish you a Merry Christmas!

While many are saddened by the secularization of Christmas, including Etiquetteer, it’s an even sadder day when Christians respond critically to a pleasant greeting because it isn’t Perfectly Christian. Really, it’s enough to make Etiquetteer bark “Bah, humbug!” and just stay home by the Christmas tree in Perfect Propriety. They’d be Better Off — and Better Christians, too — by cheerfully replying “I love celebrating Christmas!” instead of making you feel bad.

Encouraging Perfect Propriety in an Imperfect World
Etiquetteer is delighted to wish you a Merry Christmas!


‘Tis the season, not only for corny holiday cliches, but for bickering about the proper way to wish people a happy merry whatever.

But the principle is, if someone’s trying to be nice, do you give them some credit for that, or do you sneer at their attempt just because it doesn’t measure up to your standards, or meet your preferences?



P.S. Proper accepted etiquette seems to be using specific holiday greetings when you know the holiday a person celebrates, and using the generic “Happy Holidays” when you do not.

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Here is what I will use this year

Merry Christmas and the Happiest of Holiday Greetings!
Whether Hanukkah, Eid al-Adha, Kwanzaa or other
I wish you and yours great joy, peace and a prosperous New Year.

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